IGEN 2019 -  Sanjyt Syngh

Sanjyt Syngh

Design Director, Sanjyt Syngh, Delhi
14 Apr 2019

I remember being called a destructive child by my father,” laughs Sanjyt Syngh. “I was always inquisitive about how things were made.” To channelise this inborn trait in the right way, the Delhi boy flew to New York, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and an AAS (Associate in Applied Science) degree in Interiors and Fashion from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He worked in the same city for five years, before heading to London for a Master’s in Interior and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of Arts. History repeated itself after Syngh decided to stay back and work in London as well.

Thus, the designer — who calls himself a ‘mix of influences’ — was shaped by myriad streams: textile, fashion, commerce. People who inspired him are commensurately multi-faceted. “Two of my favourite icons are Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld. What I absolutely admire about them is that they don’t restrict themselves to a specific field…” points out Syngh.

Year 2007 was when he realised he was ready to be his own boss. “I had worked for a few different firms by then and...more so because being a creative person, I don’t like routine.” So in the same year, the ‘creativepreneur’, as Syngh calls himself, established his eponymous studio in Delhi, with the objective of becoming a spatial interpreter. “I wanted to write stories based on client brief and expressed through different mediums,” the 40-year-old tells us of his founding principles. “I’ve stuck to this objective, and I feel we’ve evolved a lot, since our design language has only become stronger.”

The designer, who strictly refrains from repetitiveness in his oeuvre, naturally finds it difficult to pick any one project as significant, but “if I must specify one, I would say it would be the Eclectic Apartment in South Delhi,” concedes Syngh. “I really pushed the boundaries with this one. It’s Eclectic Luxe meets Parisian Chic meets Maximalism.”
The adrenaline-junkie — Syngh loves sky diving, surfing and indulging in mixed martial arts when he’s not designing — also finds it difficult to grasp the concept of work-life balance. “It’s not a job for me. It’s a way of life. Even when I go to bed, I have a sketchbook and my laptop within arm’s reach. I am constantly designing. I have never been able to differentiate between Sanjyt Syngh as a person and Sanjyt Syngh as a designer.”

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