HP, 3M, Signage templates, COVID-19 safety measures, India, High traffic spaces

HP & 3M collaborate globally to sensitise public with signage templates on COVID-19 safety measures

In India, over 100 print partners will enable getting these signage templates across industries such as retail outlets, airports, healthcare facilities, corporate buildings and other high traffic spaces

The widespread impact of COVID-19 has affected many lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses across the globe. The rapidly evolving pandemic has disrupted work-life and compelled people to resort to remote working. This has left organisations across industries to rethink their approach towards safety and awareness around social distancing norms as they prepare to resume work from office. With a view to help businesses exercise safety measures at public places, 3M and HP Inc. jointly announced a new global collaboration to share large format graphics for commercial signage applications, in June this year.

This collaboration enables anyone to download these signage templates from HP’s resource library. These can be easily downloaded, printed and displayed in relevant spaces across retail outlets, commercial buildings, industrial parks, airports, etc., where awareness on COVID-19 safety measures needs to be enhanced. The library has a repository of templates, design elements and poster artwork with guidance on social distancing, signage for wayfinding, and public health awareness. The content can be accessed through HP PrintOS or HP Applications Centre.

HP has brought on board over 100 print partners, who are currently engaging with customers across various industries.

Vitesh Sharma, country manager, Large Format Production Business, HP India, said, “As the world adapts to the new reality and resumes activities, there is a need to create an atmosphere of safety, trust and reassurance. In such a scenario, having access to the right information is vital. Signage is crucial to communicate social distancing and health and safety messages in public spaces. HP is proud to play its part in this vital activity, and together with 3M, we aim to provide the resources and technology that can help people in feeling safe.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Ramesh Ramadurai, MD, 3M India, said, “As economies reopen, we are required to adjust and adhere to the new normal. To drive this message, particularly in high footfall spaces, we have partnered with HP Inc. for distribution of signage templates. We are strengthening this programme by organising joint webinars and sessions to educate large format print partners and graphic manufacturers about social distancing and safety messages, and expect that they will carry this message further.”

These ready-made design elements make it easy for designers and HP Large Format print service providers (PSPs) to create and produce applications ranging from rollups, signages, posters, floor & carpet graphics and display custom window signs or decals for storefront windows, mirrors, and glass.

With 3M and HP providing free access to their exclusive collection of COVID-19 related designs, HP Applications Centre users can configure a customised space in only three steps. By selecting desired content from different sources, graphics can be altered by scaling, duplicating, recolouring or adding objects and logos, or adding text for personalisation with the option of a virtual preview in a variety of environments.



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