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Method presents artist Sayan Chanda’s Itinerant series

The series investigates assumptions about craft through the traditional quilting work – Kantha

As a part of its Pause series, Method presents artist Sayan Chanda and Itinerant, a series that investigates assumptions about craft processes through the traditional quilting work of the Bengalis – Kantha.

As a textile practitioner, Chanda is always seeking ways to create something new from already existing materials. In his artwork, he uses vintage quilts that have been rubbed, torn, cut, aged, painted and embroidered with hand-spun cotton yarn in an attempt to underline the impermanence of material, memory and time. He believes that in these confusing times, craft will unite everyone, and is in the process of creating totemic pieces that feel quasi-ritualistic.

Chanda is from Kolkata, India, currently based in London. He uses mark-making and repetition as tools to explore meditative repetitive systems in hyperlocal customs and vernacular ritualistic practices. Through his practice, he intends to demystify and contextualise living craft traditions by exploring personal and community history.

With Itinerant, the artist explores deep-seated connotations and assumptions about craft processes and quotidian objects through Kantha, a Bengali quilting tradition. The quasi-ritualistic process of deconstructing and reconstructing the quilts draws parallels to votive objects and related faith-based practices.



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