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BAU 2021 to focus on digital transformation

The building sector is undergoing a digital revolution and BAU 2021 will showcase its full potential

At BAU 2021, exhibitors will align their presentations with the key themes of the show and showcase solutions. One of the key themes is going to be digital transformation. The building sector is undergoing a digital revolution. The corona pandemic, which since the spring of 2020 has brought unimagined change to our working and social lives, is accelerating this process within the sector—an unintended effect, but nevertheless a powerful one. Within a few weeks, decentralised working – from the home office – and video-conference meetings about building projects became a standard day-to-day working practice.

Every company, not just those involved in manufacturing, adjusted to digital working processes. It seems almost paradoxical: during the struggle to beat this virus, the world of building is reacting to the rigid, sometimes paralysing restrictions on movement and working with technical improvisation, using Coronavirus as a driver of digitalisation right across the sector.

This is prompting a transformation from analog scenarios in planning and implementation to proficient, digital decision-making and working processes, and that, in turn, presents a range of options and offers significant potential. The important thing is to identify and make the most of this potential. For building as a collaborative process involving many partners, the digital transformation is above all this: open thinking and working in integrated structures. That is not new, because teamwork and cooperation have always been anchored in the building process. What is changing are the ways in which we will – in future – plan, build, manage, renovate, dismantle and recycle buildings. At the same time, open communication in a project and efficient, integrated working processes will become ever more important.

Read more about the BAU 2021 theme here.

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