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Delhi-based artist Savya Jain invites all to an online art show

Artistic ode to nature’ captures nature's refreshed aura on the canvas and can be viewed from September 4-25, 2020

‘Artistic ode to nature’ is Savya Jain's emotive, abstract art collection that blends her travels with nature's many moods. With humans locked in their homes over the past few months, what ran free were nature's brushstrokes - deepening the sky's blue, the trees' green and all colours in between. Capturing nature's refreshed aura on the canvas, the ten abstract artistic impressions by Jain derive inspiration from idyllic and bountiful nature.

A promising abstract artist, Jain uses memories from her travels to render unique fluid art. In her current collection titled 'Nature in lockdown times', her signature style blends effortlessly with the natural leitmotifs and hues we fondly associate with nature's many moods, to create a diverse art experience. In her own words, speaking from the context of the direct view of her garden from her studio: "I’ve witnessed the changing seasons; from bright sunny mornings, to the heavy downpour during monsoon season.”

“When I was much younger, the natural beauty I was surrounded by used to scare me because of its grandeur and unpredictable nature. However, as I grew up, I started to find comfort in them. Now I cannot go a day without hearing the constant sound of birds chirping, cycling around the house, identifying new plants and trees with my dad, or just sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee; the list is endless. I have just been constantly inspired by the different aspects of nature that motivated me to create artworks inspired by it," she says about nature's link with her art.

Jain adds: "Having surrounded myself with greenery for a large part of my life, I have taken inspiration from natural textures. The bounciness of moss on the strong trunk of a tree or the peeling of aged paint on an already weathered wall; nature is an aphrodisiac to my imagination and a healer to my emotions. I have a weakness for picturesque landscapes and the need to immerse myself into it, this reflects in my work. Long after a moment has passed, I can travel back in time through my paintings."

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The young artist's paintings speak of views from her own garden to the far-flung landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and even Spain's Barcelona. The paintings in Jain's nature series carry vignettes of places she visited, painted during a time when travelling faces an unprecedented halt. Her paintings also showcase the other side of it, when nature is at a receiving end. Making segue ways into the contemporary, Jain's nature portfolio features 'Go Locusts Go' that reminds one of the recent destruction by huge locust swarms on Indian agricultural fields.

The solo show titled 'Nature in lockdown times' will be exhibited both online, on her Instagram handle @savyajainart, and offline at Chandra Gardens, Rajokri, New Delhi, from September 4-25, 2020.

What: Artistic ode to nature by Savya Jain
Where: Instagram and Facebook @savyajainart
Studio: Chandra Gardens, Rajokri, Near Airforce Station New Delhi (Entry is free and by appointment)
When: September 4-25, 2020
Time: 11am - 6pm



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