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Hinge talks about compact commodities that forge links between human beings

The Shruti Ramlingaiah-curated show at Priyasri Art Gallery gets together four artists whose practices respond to pivots between social context and personal spaces

Machines, gadgets, accessories, belongings, instruments – call them what you will, our social life hinges on them. Indeed, they form the connections between human beings today. Predominant in their presence and the space they occupy in our lives, if not in size, these compact commodities are the pivot of our interactions with those of our ilk. The ongoing exhibition by Priyasri Art Gallery revolves around this significance.

Curated by Shruti Ramlingaiah, Hinge gathers under one umbrella four artists – Digbijayee Khatua, Diptej Vernekar, Lokesh Khodke and Roshan Chhabria – whose practices as well as the approaches they have adopted, respond to pivots between social context and personal spaces in their individual representations.

“Literally, a hinge is a minuscule part of a machine or tool – rather, an anchor to unleash a cause for argument and condition. Dialectically, it’s a transforming factor of a situation, twist in a moment, a character or fulcrum of a play, the key that actuates to re-surface between physical lived spaces. Dynamically, this mechanism determines how we navigate and how we perform rituals. The hinge can be a thing as well a method, allowing oscillation between things: to derive possibilities and probe a stereotype, belief, ideal and real, reality and truth,” explains the curator.



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