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Aces of Space Design Awards 2019: Meet our jury member Prem Nath

Prem Nath of Prem Nath & Associates tells us why he is on our jury and what he is looking forward to in the nominations for our awards

“Academic contribution is the reason why I accepted the invitation to be on the jury of the Aces of Space Design Awards. I hope to see some trending concepts, and I expect the nominees to be more relevant to the requisites in their submissions. I don’t expect to gain anything personal from this experience, except a good awareness of the happenings in different zones.”


Given the backdrop of India’s Partition and its gut-wrenching aftermath, it’s almost a miracle that Prem Nath (who’s originally from across the border) got to where he is today - but that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say, he showed great zeal and doggedness in the face of overwhelming odds - firstly, to give himself a basic education and, secondly, to follow that with a specialisation such as architecture. His drive to learn all that life had to offer, brought him in touch with the celebrity elite - and from then on, the only way was up. Prem Nath and Associates (established in 1967) soon started looking for newer concepts in architecture - thus, many firsts. Mumbai’s first revolving restaurant, India’s first health spa and body rejuvenation centre, the country’s first multiplex, India’s first fast-track IT building… the list goes on. All through, he ensured a design philosophy of “keeping it simple and non-acrobatic.” That the veteran architect is still keeping up with the times is seen in the Smart Tower for State Bank of India at GIFT Smart City, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, a 3,00,000sq-ft development that will be a green (Platinum rated) office building with an intelligent BMS, and a slew of measures for safety, security and user comfort - all integrated within.



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