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Aces of Space Design Awards 2019: Meet our jury member Dikshu Kukreja

Dikshu Kukreja, managing principal of CP Kukreja Architects (CPKA), shares his reasons for being on our jury and tell us what he is looking forward to in the nominations

“Having witnessed the [Aces of Space Design Awards] program carried out by ITP, I have seen that they are highly professional and the jury deliberations are completely independent – and that is why I chose to be a part of the jury.

“I feel that innovation and creativity are the key elements. Also, how the entries address the client program and their response to the context - both, the site and their surroundings, would be important. And lastly, the medium of communication, which is the presentation, would also be something to look forward to.

“This is a great opportunity for unsung heroes to come to the fore, and also for creative works which have not yet been seen to be shared in the public domain.

“I think such opportunities of jury deliberations with fellow professionals from the industry bring different perspectives to the table, which is very interesting. It’s always a pleasure to see the varied work being done across the country by budding architects and professionals.


The largest unwritten document, as Dikshu Kukreja calls architecture, was one he always wondered about even as a child. Fuelled by the determination of proving his talent to his father — senior architect CP Kukreja and founder of CP Kukreja Architects — he pursued a Bachelor’s in Architecture at SPA, New Delhi, followed by a Master’s in Urban Design at Harvard University. During the Taliesin Fellowship at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, he learnt the importance of ‘Learning by Doing’. The renovation of the prestigious Delhi Gymkhana Club and the restoration and extension of the Oberoi property in Srinagar (which was taken over by the Lalit Hotel Group) — the first two projects he handled on his return to India, after working with the legendary architect Kevin Roche in the USA — taught him how to deal with private and government clients. Respecting the power that architecture wields when it comes to changing societies and affecting people’s lives, Kukreja strongly believes in creating meaningful spaces that celebrate positivity. This sentiment is embodied in the two projects he considers as milestones: the 500-acre Gautam Buddha University (significant owing to its sheer scale and the ideology of the design) and the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project in the capital city that symbolises a major breakthrough in city planning.



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