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Baro presents Ultramarine, a sensory art show by Wolf Jaipur

The modern miniature paintings by Ritu and Surya Singh of Wolf Jaipur are a spectacular sensory exploration of the magic and whimsy of the ocean

To go above and beyond, sometimes one needs to go underwater. Ritu and Surya Singh of Wolf Jaipur have created a spectacular sensory exploration of all the magic and whimsy of the ocean, with their Ultramarine series of works. On display at Baro from October 11 to October 20, 2019, Wolf’s art and scenography draw inspiration from Rajput miniatures; where lapis lazuli is ground to produce a shimmering, glowing blue. Ultramarine — used to paint seas, skies and divinities — sets the scene, but the nuances and layers are as complex and deep as the ocean itself.

While texture upon texture is created from scrap yarn, jewellery, discarded machinery and delicate glass, the visual experience can only be described as a window to the depth of thought that is intrinsic to each artwork.

“This show is special for so many reasons,” says Baro's co-founder Srila Chatterjee, “Each piece is an invitation to slow down and study the finer details of the work, while that thought translates into a metaphorical suggestion to slow down and appreciate life and the environment as well. From the framed artworks to the installations, every detail is worthy of study and discussion. The works are a nod to our rich heritage, but also a symbol of our present environment — alive with deep meaning.”

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“We welcome you to interact and interpret our work and to make it your own,” says artist Ritu Singh. “At Baro, we will showcase 12 different aspects of the Ultramarine series, and we have structured these so that everyone can take bits of the pieces to create their own installations at home — a cluster of sea urchins, waves or a shivaling. This is an invitation to open out the creative process to everyone.”

Setting the scene with incense, music and, of course, these incredible artworks, Baro presents Ultramarine as a not-to-be-missed experience for patrons, art aficionados and students alike. With the artists invited to showcase their work at a three-month exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, next year, this is an opportunity to explore their magical creations here in Mumbai.

Ritu and Surya Singh are self-taught artists with a dream to find their tribe/pack of like-minded people, a world that would collaborate and give a deeper meaning to artistic pursuits. To create a philosophy, that would espouse togetherness, a genuine spirit of exchange and barter, and would ultimately start a movement towards shared experiences and collective expression.They use scrap and discards as their primary medium to create objects, spaces,events and installations. It is also their muse, inspiration and their way of making a difference. Their work usually garners an “I can do this” reaction. This encourages them to keep at it, hoping others will join in.



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