Salamat Husain Dimensions - Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.
Salamat Husain Dimensions - Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia.

What to do in January: Catch the 'Not Allowed' exhibit at Nine Fish, Mumbai

Experience photographer Salamat Husain's - grandson of the legendary MF Husain - years of experience in the field of arts through a series of captivating and open-to-interpretation clicks.

Not Allowed, an exhibition by photographer Salamat Husain, loaded by the legacy of his legendary grandfather, the late MF Husain, was inaugurated at the Nine Fish Art Gallery, Byculla, Mumbai on January 14. The exhibition was inaugurated by Rajeev Sethi, Pheroza Godrej, Gourmani Das, Salamat Husain, Dr. Anurag Kanoria, Pablo Bartholomew, Sudharak Olwe and Prabhakar Kolte, and is now open to all from January 16-30 from 10:30am to 7:30pm, 

Salamat Husain Exhibition

The exhibition is curated by Gourmani Das of Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line SpaceArtFoundation within The Great Eastern Home compound as part of “The Great Eastern Art District” presentation.

Like sacred and secular spaces, areas on our globe are also divided between those where we are ‘allowed’ and those we are ‘not allowed’. More often than not we are ‘prohibited’ from entering certain spaces, especially the ones that are more interesting. The ones that tempt us, the ones that need to be recorded or photographed. Whenever you see the sign “Photography is Prohibited”, do not click!

Salamat Husain In between the densities - double exposure.

Salamat spent most of his early years in the United States and completed his education there in visual arts. At the age of 16, he entered the film industry by assisting his grandfather on the sets of Gajagamini. Growing up surrounded by chaotic - and therefore instructive - art, Salamat learnt from and experimented with a variety of art forms. He mastered the art of lighting and light management, as well as compositions, in his various mediums. The trajectory of this show emerges the evolvement of his art from his sketchbooks through the transformation of his travels to the final pictures. Finally, Salamat probably sees himself more as an expressionist than a card-carrying activist for the medium of photography.

Salamat Husain The Yellow Surfer - Sydney, Australia.

Salamat’s double exposure images essentially say, “I try to capture as much as I can in a frame”, the quest to entrap space is always on.  But single exposure images are limiting finally to an artist like Salamat. Having done this, he insists that he leaves to rest to the audience to make of it what they will.

Exhbition Deatils
Date: January 16-30
Time: 10:30am to 7:30pm.
Address: Nine Fish Art Gallery
The New Great Eastern Mills, Salsette- 27, 25-29 Dr.Ambedkar Road, Near Rani Baug,
Byculla, Mumbai 400027



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