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Pradarshak presents ‘Saadgi’

Semi-abstract figurative paintings by Umesh Bhoi will be on display during this solo exhibition

Belonging to an ethnic and tribal group near Nanded in Maharashtra, Umesh Bhoi’s paintings hold a mirror to the simplicity ingrained in the Adivasi lifestyle. Intense and introverted, the artist is spurred by memories from his growing years, where his father’s (his biggest inspiration) figure looms large – strong and disciplined, the epitome of a strong character and head of family. The large format of Bhoi’s figures is – to a great extent – attributed to his father and, in some paintings, one observes the stick symbolic of his disciplinarian demeanour.
Umesh’s first solo outing four years ago focussed on the cultural divide and the hardships of the tribal community – his figures defined by repeated strokes and his palette dark and brooding. The strength of Umesh’s brushwork loomed large.
Here, in his second solo exhibition, one can observe the sea of transition in this artist’s repertoire. He seems to have made peace with the dark recesses of his mind to emerge and mature into a happier personality. While his subject still revolves around the tribal community, he looks beyond the hardships at their simple lifestyles – their joy in little things; their personas untouched by worldly woes of depression, stress and competition.

The exhibition can be simultaneously viewed online at:

Venue: 100 Kalpana Building, Plot No. 338, 12th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai
Date: February 3 - 14, 2020
Timings: 11am - 7pm (except on Sundays & public holidays)



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