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Artist Akshita Gandhi to pioneer in lightboxes

She is the sole Indian artist to delve into the curation, after a successful debut in New York and Miami

Akshita Gandhi’s creative world is one that conquers societal gender roles, empowers women, and transcends borders. Gandhi is a Mumbai based multi-disciplinary artist. She began her journey with creating mixed media artworks by photographing urban landscapes and different architectural nuances that give character to a city. These were then printed on canvas and worked on with colours, ink, intricate details et al. She wanted them to have a profound impact on its viewers and be a message for social change. That is when she conceived the idea of the lightbox.

Gandhi created the lightboxes as a vehicle of social change aspiring to create art that is more than a decorative piece hanging on a wall.  Art and design both have immense creativity and an acute sense of aesthetics and style, emotional intelligence, and the ability to tell a story through visual media. The lightbox is a stand-alone piece of art that illuminates and affects the space it exists in. It narrates an experience, visually and emotionally.

Being one of the only few to be pioneering in this art form, she introduced this striking concept to India after it had a successful debut in New York and Miami. She is the sole Indian artist to delve into the curation of such eye-catching masterpieces. “Art is a vehicle of social change today and amidst the external chaotic insanity, I wanted to bring in tranquillity and optimism. and I wanted my pieces to play a fundamental role in spreading awareness and serve as a constant reminder that the real change needs to come from within, only then can we make this world a better place to live in,” explains Gandhi.



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