Vivek Singh Rathore, DESIGN PRINCIPAL, SALIENT, Anaya Kutir, Central pool, Mediterranean theme, Hoogly river, Mediterranean-themed space, Raichak on Ganges, Resort hub

60-second Interview: Vivek Singh Rathore, design principal, Salient

Salient has designed Anaya Kutir – a spa and resort, which is enveloped by the subtropical greens of Raichak, a village on the banks of the River Hoogly. Located far away from Kolkata’s city chaos, the property occupies a prominent place in the resort hub also known as ‘Raichak on Ganges’, and is spread over a 19,000 sq-ft plot area. Vivek Singh Rathore of Salient tells us more about the development of this Mediterranean-themed space.

What sets Anaya Kutir apart from similar developments?
Breaking the monotony of the mundane visual scape of the city by connecting space with exotic yet earthy elements of culture, is the silver lining of Anaya Kutir in Raichak, West Bengal. The dance of nature with undulating spaces of resort crafts a strong design statement and yields warm hues of hospitality, while inducing enthusiasm, luxury and surprise to the user experience.

How did the region’s context guide the design for this spa & resort? 
With a plot area of 19,000 sq-ft, Anaya Kutir is rendered as a celebration of the varied moods of water. The central lagoon pool that visually extends to the Hoogly river, radiates life onto the building by accommodating recreational spaces and manifesting itself as the narrative facet of the property. The development is a cluster of 20 individual villas that occupy a plot area of 700 sq-ft each, bordering an organic-shaped pool that prompts the structure of an oasis. The villas are designed on two levels; wherein the lower level accommodates living, dining and a patio that opens into the pool, while the upper level nestles cozy bedrooms with a pool view/ river view. The terrace accommodates a soothing bubble bath to induce the experience of romance under the sky.

Why was a Mediterranean theme chosen for the villas and how has this look been achieved?
The pungent Mediterranean style of the property augments the primordial intent of providing an exotic and intimate aura to the resort. Design becomes its own marker in the premises, while blending with the earthy structures of the Raichak buildings. Low ceilings, narrow stairs, chamfered square windows and hints of thatched roofs enhance the ethnicity of this design language. Elongated corridors between arched walls are roofed with broad wooden rafters to pave a path for a peaceful evening amble. Warm-lit patios with antique seating and crafted lamps incorporate elements of earth and water, as they open towards the central pool, all together taming the human mind.



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