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WallPepper/Group presents Nuances 2020 collection

‘Extraordinary concepts and contemporary spaces’ is the motto of their newest collection

Nuances is a collection able to express the power of colour to define and customise a space, creating real forms of interaction between walls, furnishings, objects and the room’s function. The relationship itself between man and space is also dependent on the sensorial perception of colour.

Delicate pastel tones, soft abstract textures, gentle geometries, charming floral arrangement & suggestive watercolour lands, archetypes related to female figure with its charm, amazing architectures with metropolitan landscapes, poetic and fanciful reproductions of domestic environments. These elements compose the new WallPepper graphics from the Nuances collection.

The use of ‘nuances’ of colour in interior decoration is a way to arouse feelings or influence mood, therefore being able to condition the activity that takes place in a room. In architecture, they can create particular visual effects and show a certain volume or constructive details. So, the colour’s energy and emotion arise from surfaces to illustrate a new way to live interior decoration. In all its forms, colour offers the possibility to organise and give spaces a new dimension, to provide wellness and to modulate the effects of lighting.



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