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FADD Studio redesigns the Ventura showroom

The firm redefines ‘safes and neutrals’ with this project

When the client approached FADD Studio to redesign the Ventura showroom, it was with a whole lot of excitement and a tiny bit of hesitation. The excitement was because the studio is known for doing things out of the box, and the hesitation was also for the same reason. Nevertheless, the two banked on their wonderful working relationship to sail them through the redesign process, and the result speaks for itself.

The new Ventura showroom is not just a space that sells high-end furniture. In its design and, in turn, in its philosophy, it represents a statement that even in the luxury market, there is something for everyone. It stands to be an aspirational space where clients can be convinced and excited to try new ideas and take risks with colour palettes and combinations that they would otherwise feel too intimated to try in their own home. ‘Safes and neutrals’ are redefined in this showroom, where charcoal ceilings are present along with wine, indigo and emerald as the wall colours. Fluted textures sit above a plain wainscot in the same colour, making the walls more interesting for the products. Sliding panels with different backgrounds such as brick, wooden slats, cement, marble and more, not only make the showroom dynamic, but also give the client a taste of what their sofa or any other furniture piece may look like in their home with these common wall treatments. Wispy white linen curtains with light seeping through, create mystery and drama as you move from one setting to another. The voluptuous arch element in the walls, show-windows and floor is a revival of the classic trend bringing in quaintness to the space. But the space still remains provocative with its dim lighting, use of colours and sensual mood. Finally, an abundance of plants was essential for a fresh and green feel.

FADD Studio believes that architects, builders, store owners of furniture and furnishings, as well as designers of fashion, interiors and products, are the ones who can change the way people perceive things and their tastes by showing them things they haven’t seen before. They are the people to change the landscape of any country. So, as interior designers, the studio wishes to change the way people see things and show them new ways of doing them. Most people find comfort in beige and brown, and while FADD Studio is not one to tell them not to do beige and brown, they do show them how to make beige and brown exciting, perhaps with a complimentary rug that will make their beige come alive. And for the ones with a little dare in them, they do away with their fear of colours and show them how different shades can be used together to create a unique setting in their own home. The showroom design may well be bold and risqué, but it does exactly this, with the promise of there being something for everyone.

The brands in the store are Catellan Italia, Ligne Roset, Gamma, Saba Italia, Mogg, and Prostoria. The lights are from Catellan Italia, Lignet Roset and Mogg, while the rugs are from Jaipur Rugs, Mogg and Lignet Roset. Since FADD Studio was doing the whole showroom, the client requested them to curate all the products, right from the setting to the actual furniture items, from the colour of the upholstery to the finish of the legs, from the combination of things to the numbering of areas. The idea behind this was to have a complete vision of the store, not just its floor and walls in order for a client to have an experience tailored by FADD Studio for the 14 zones created. And the result is quite spectacular indeed



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