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IOTA presents Work From Home collection

The range is a perfect amalgam of office furniture that will blend into any needs and themes

With the changing times, people are preferring to work from home. The right home office setup improves productivity and gives you the space and energy to remain organised. A streamlined, personalised workspace filled with positive vibes will keep you focused on what matters and lead to more productivity. The human productivity can be linked directly to the comfort and efficiency of the office environment; which is why the importance of setting up the office space right cannot be undermined.

Keeping this in mind, IOTA Boutique Furniture, a brand known for the finest and most luxurious furniture in India, has introduced some of the contemporary office table pieces which will add just the right touch of professionalism to your workplace.

The collection is easy to assemble thanks to its knockdown kit and is versatile with its inbuilt connectivity flip tops housing power sockets, HDMI and USB slots. It is made of solid wood with an anti-slip central top face and has an attached side credenza with slots for all work essentials.

According to Namit Ajmani, MD, IOTA Boutique Furniture, "From working on your laptop to writing letters, the right type of working table will help you accomplish what you set out to do. The Work From Home collection by IOTA Boutique Furniture comprises stunning working tables, which are a perfect addition to your well-appointed space. As utilitarian as it is modish, it also features drawers for the much-needed out-of-sight storage."



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