Hipcouch project - Kids room.
Hipcouch project - Kids room.

Passionate about music? Consider a music-themed décor!

Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch, elaborates on how to design a space that fits the personality and fulfills the needs of a music lover

When it comes to designing the home for music lovers and music practitioners, a lot of considerations have to be taken care of. How do you fit a bed, a jamming area, a music system without making the space look overcrowded. How do you make the most of the space available and still keep things compact.

Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch

The most beautiful thing about music is how all the different instruments, with a different melody, different players are combined into one masterpiece. That’s somewhat how interiors work as well, it’s the art of combining various furniture pieces, adding a pinch of style in them, mixing it with client requirements, and the chaotic mess of contractors and labours, and there, you have a beautiful looking space. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you get started:

1. Minimise the bulkiest pieces in the room
Every time you’re asked to design a space, the first thing that comes to your mind is how do I make this room look spacious. The bed is somehow the bulkiest and an inevitable piece of furniture in the room. An alternative is using sofa-cum-bed, which is basically a sofa that opens up into a bed. With the booming interior industry, there are really good looking options available in the market for a sofa-cum-bed. You can also use a Murphy bed, which is a bed that folds and becomes a wall, this clears up your entire space, making room for jamming, have music sessions with your fellow music lovers, also creates room for a dance floor.

2. A study plus piano desk
A study table is a piece of furniture your brain can’t do without, and a piano desk is a piece of furniture your heart can’t do without. However, fitting both into the room might be quite challenging and will occupy a lot of space. The best way to fit the two is by combining them into one, a study table that opens up as a piano desk.

3. Thinking about the people next door
As much as you love singing and playing your heart out, it can get really disturbing for the ones staying right next door or next room. The solution is introducing acoustic panels and surfaces to your room which can absorb sound. The market has various options to fit your acoustic needs, there are interesting wall panels which can make your acoustic wall look like an accent 3D wall. There are solutions for the ceiling as well.

For a pocket-friendly solution, I’d suggest you make rafters on the wall and ceiling, this will create niches which can absorb a little sound, the impact won’t be as much as an acoustic panel, but it is doable. There is also a new paint available in the market, which is silent soundproof paint and absorbs the sound in the room.

4. A statement look for the walls
Walls can look really boring, if not treated right. The industry has various wallpaper options for all the music lovers, it ranges from guitar and vinyl prints to Elvis Presley. There are companies that also customise wallpapers for you. You can highlight one of the dead walls in your room with frames of vintage music posters that are easily available online or posters of your favourite band/singer.

5. Go retro
Buy a vintage musical instrument. It’s an investment that is worth it. It adds to the ambience and is really pleasing to the eye. It can be an old vinyl player, or a TV set, or a Murphy radio. Place it in a way that it catches the eye. You can add planters around it to enhance it.

6. Create a comfortable nook
For some music is a profession and for some it is a hobby. Some people just like to relax after a hectic day, and for some, playing music all day becomes tiring. Whatever be the case, creating a nook in the room specifically for playing/ listening to music is very important to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. It can be a window seat with cushions or lounger with a footrest. The way a room feels is just as important as it looks.



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