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Sans Souci launches a new signature pendant light

Wings is a new series of pendant lights, made up of hand-blown crystal components that are available in several combinations

Czech lighting giant Sans Souci, renowned for creating tailor-made decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features for projects around the world, has launched in India a new statement light – Wings – that combines the fleeting beauty and solid safety net of wings.

Designer JiÊí KriÊica was inspired by the myriad bird wings that we encounter in nature, and translated those impressions in an abstract and minimal fashion into an enchanting light. The versatility of these wings finds its purpose in clusters. Two wings together become a bird, a number of them combined become a flock. That is what Wings looks like – a cluster of birds spreading their benign wings over you offering safety and good luck. Elegant and charming as it is, Wings also brings a sense of comfort and benevolence.

Wings is made up of hand-blown crystal components, that are available in several combinations: crystal and white smoke shards; opal crystal and rose gold nano coating; crystal and smoke shard, crystal and gold nano coatings; crystal and titan nano coating; crystal and amber shards and golden mica; crystal and amber shards; and crystal and cobalt and silver nano coating.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on