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Slinkie is the new range of hand-knotted rugs by cc-tapis

The collection is brought to India by Sources Unlimited

Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture and lighting solutions to the Indian market, unveils an exclusive hand-knotted rugs collection, Slinkie, by cc-tapis, a niche brand for iconic furnishing accessories based in Italy. Born in France, it has its creative mind in Italy, and produces contemporary rugs hand-knotted in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans.

A deep regard for the materials and the ancient craft is clearly evident in the brand’s eco-friendly approach at every stage of production. From the hand-spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the washing of the final products, each rug is unique and precious. All cc-tapis products are tailor-made for those who appreciate artistry, precision and exclusivity. 

Designed by the renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola, the Slinkie collection lends a unique identity to your environment. The collection highlights a succession of chromatic evolutions developed in a composite universe of organic shapes. A digital drawing allows every rug to display an evolution of the different wools – sometimes unexpectedly – placed side by side, outlining multiple chromatic associations. Each rug is a visual exercise aimed at transforming the intangible idea of shade and hue into a tangible, sophisticated product.

Photographs: Beppe Brancato
Styling: Greta Cevenini



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