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Arazzi is the latest collection by Orvi

The new range is inspired by tapestry making and the ancient Italian technique of Pietra Dura

Bringing truly original surfaces created with an eclectic mix of traditional techniques and materials from around the world and across, Orvi introduces a unique collection, Arazzi, which is inspired by tapestry making and the ancient Italian technique of Pietra Dura, which was often seen in the palaces & churches across Europe. Arisen from the ancient and impeccable artistry from the world of tapestry, the surfaces in the Arazzi collection are inlaid with semi-precious materials, and each individual piece comes together to create a seamless pattern.

Designs in the Arazzi collection emerge from a blend of fine marble and limestone surfaces, which are embellished with subtle, decorative inlays in a variety of materials ranging from stone, mother-of-pearl and lapis lazuli to malachite, brass and stainless steel and even bespoke options like ruby & onyx.

While some of the inlays take the form of geometric patterns, others feature more organic shapes.

Trying to experiment with new design possibilities, Orvi has also introduced mural art in the Arazzi collection where bigger stone pieces are put together by cutting them into shapes that suit their place in an art image. Promising an array of opulent surfaces embedded with natural stones, Arazzi captures the true essence of timeless charm and grandeur. Arazzi elevates any mundane interior into a visual treat for the eyes.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on