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Ellementry launches a new collection – Sienna

The new bakeware collection is made of terracotta

Lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry has made an impressive mark in a short span with its impeccably handcrafted products. Celebrating simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs, Ellementry offers a refined way of living. Their new bakeware collection made of terracotta, Sienna, underlines their philosophy of sublime beauty combined with impeccable functionality.

Upgrade your baking experience with Sienna, meaning “natural earth with a deep reddish-brown pigment”. This charming terracotta collection is an ode to Mother Earth in the most natural form and comprises a vast range of dishes for baking and serving. Terracotta is oven-friendly and distributes heat evenly, so Sienna lends itself to perfect baking. The cookware, however, should be heated gradually to attain the desired temperature. This way, the cakes come out evenly done and very moist. So, baking cakes and breads using the Sienna terracotta collection yields delicious, tender and flavourful results.

The design of Sienna is inspired by various products and places:

1)         Mud and straw houses that provide excellent thermal mass, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The straw used not only contributes to the strength and insulation of the house, but also lends them a striated visual appeal. The thin lines embossed along the border of this collection mimic this effect.

2)         Clay pot or matka is used in most homes during summer to keep water cool, even today. With its porosity and natural insulation, clay pots circulate heat and moisture evenly, throughout. So in clay pots, food cooks evenly, albeit slowly, retaining the flavour.

3)         Chulha is the traditional way of cooking using earthen pots, which naturally adds flavour to the food. According to experts, food cooked in earthen pots is nutrient-rich, as it helps in retaining moisture as well as the aroma of cooked food.

4)         The landscape of Jaisalmer city, also called the ‘Golden City of India’ because of the yellow sandstone used throughout the architecture of the town, has contributed in visualising the domes and straight lines of this collection.



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