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Elanpro introduces the Elan Safe Sani Dispenser

COVID-19 virus transmission occurs when in direct contact with the infected person or surface. Once in contact with the virus, it affects everyone the same way. Better safe than sorry, they say, and that’s exactly what Elanpro has set out to do.

Broadening horizons to provide innovative disinfecting solutions, Elanpro recently announced the introduction of the Elan Safe Sani Dispenser, an infrared sensor-based hand sanitiser dispenser. With the introduction of the Safe Sani Dispenser, the company goes beyond its core offering to deliver a solution designed to maintain a healthy environment.

The Safe Sani Dispenser addresses the need for rigorous hand hygiene, vital for everyone. Easily mountable on a wall or stand, the hi-tech product automatically detects hands kept at a distance of 3-5 inches from the surface, ensuring germ-free entry of everyone coming into the house or workplace.

Equipped with Zero Waste technology, it has a sensor that dispenses just 1 ml at a time, cutting down the wastage due to spilling and leakage. A highly economical product, it allows users to save up to 66% sanitiser as compared to other units.

The safe living dispenser is easy to install, refill and operate. Featuring a key to unlock the reservoir, it can run on four batteries (that can last up to 6 months) or a 6v DC adapter. The ergonomical product comes with a one-year warranty and quality standards.

The Safe Sani Dispenser is an effective way to safeguard kids, elderly, domestic help, car cleaners, drivers and others, against the risk of contamination from hands, in the absence of a sink.

Complying with WHO recommended guidelines, the product is aimed for urban and millennial homes, apart from clinics, kirana stores and small commercial places.



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