Automated thermal scanning solutions, Embassy Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Accurate non-contact temperature readings

Automated thermal scanning solutions by Embassy Services

The solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for highly accurate non-contact temperature readings at an extremely competitive cost

Embassy Services (ESPL) has introduced their fully automated infrared thermal screening solution using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for highly accurate non-contact temperature readings at an extremely competitive cost. This method helps in early discovery and reporting to ascertain early isolation, thus preventing transmission of viral diseases. This innovation is a much-needed solution for the post-pandemic world. The integrated facility management giant is a major contributor to the world through its provision of innovative solutions that ensure us of a safe and healthy environment.

The fully automated contactless thermal screening device and its software is assembled in India. The networked device is maintained and updated over-the-air and can be seamlessly integrated with existing access control systems. The technology behind this solution provides multi-objective fast non-contact temperature management. The skin tone correction, distance correction and temperature variation across the face features allow accuracy in readings. The highly effective Machine Learning software ensures reduction in false positives. The tripod-mounted device is programmed to send alerts through the Cloud and ease detection in real time. It helps a facility to identify and segregate potentially ill patients in a contactless environment.

“The emergence of unusual epidemiological and viral outbreaks has shown us how vulnerable we are as a race. Our people are our biggest resource and while immunity to diseases is yet to be achieved on a long-term basis, the need of the hour is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all. Our preparedness and responses towards emergencies are a prime focus at ESPL. We will continue to integrate, customise and implement unique solutions for our clients to have them ready for a safer future,” said Pradeep Lala, MD & CEO, Embassy Services. Such solutions have multiple facets of use and this contributes to the array of efficient solutions needed for the post-pandemic world.



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