Lighting Collection, Foris, Abstract geometric shapes, Functional design

Foris, the origin of ideas, presents its objects of light & design

The collections are inspired by abstract geometric shapes, which push the boundaries of both functionality and design

The lighting brand Foris the origin of ideas, a fusion of the expertise in the sector of the LE+D group and the passion for art and design of its founders Cristina Serra and Alvise Tormene, is offering six collections of bright objects with minimalist aesthetics aimed at promoting the value of light in the environment.

Exploration of light is at the heart of the work of the designers, who aim to create products that trigger a synergy between matter and the beauty of light. "Light is emotion, life and movement; reflection and shadow lead to the mutual contamination of objects and materials, which communicate with each other," says Serra, CEO of Foris.

In addition to research on the interactions between light and the environment, the best use of lighting is fundamental; many of the pieces can be positioned, directed and adjusted in different ways with a view to both aesthetic and functional personalisation of the products.

Advanced technology and contemporary design coexist in objects of light and design with essential and sophisticated lines that recall the purest forms of abstract painting in a play of shapes and lines. The company has a highly tailored ethic, and their skilled artisans enable the creation of made-to-measure pieces.

With their linear geometries composed of rectangular planes, parallelograms and illuminated shapes that create an interaction with the surrounding environment, the lamps in the Mondrian collection pay homage to the Dutch artist's works. Featuring a range of versions and combinations of materials, light and shadows are interspersed, bringing out the beauty of the objects around them, all thanks to high-quality LED chromatic rendering and impeccable design.

The illuminated frames of Mondrian Tavolo can be modulated according to three different positions for high customisation. Frame, in its many variations, is characterised by its simple and versatile design, suitable for sophisticated environments. Its modular framework, designed by Giulia Ciccarese and Devis Busato at Studio FormiDable, enables the lamp to be built up and broken down to perfectly illuminate different spaces.

References to the art world are also evident in Flexa, a collection designed by Matteo Cecchinato; these pieces feature three long luminous stems on a solid base, reminiscent of a statue in the centre of a fountain of light. The product’s features can be explored to the max through 360° flexibility. "With Flexa, we wanted to shorten the supply chain between those who make pieces of art and the end user as much as possible by developing a smartphone app that allows customers to view and change the position of the piece within a real environment, and buy it directly from the producer, putting the user in direct connection with the manufacturer," says Tormene, president of Foris.

Book of Dreams is configured as a desk lamp with linear shapes on a flat base on which rest two illuminated magnetic frames. The fully customisable structure allows you to orient the “pages” of

the Book of Dreams and choose the finishes that most integrate with its context.

Foris also offers a series of lamps with a strong technological component that can be directly controlled by the user through home automation systems — Alexa and Google Home — which

enable remote switching and regulation of light intensity; these are the Hera and Linea pendant lamps, suitable for office and home environments that require technical lighting.

In July 2020, Foris launched its e-commerce site –, to enable its customers to select and personalise its products, and receive dedicated support on the choice of materials and finishes right through to delivery. The brand offers a tailoring service that combines innovation, technology and design in a product entirely Made in Italy.



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