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Vizion sets the bar high for versatile lighting systems

The agile and adaptable Razor collection of LED lights can be used for accent, direct and cove lighting

The Razor collection by Vizion exemplifies the age of technological prowess and design flexibility where creating an immersive setting and driving human engagement takes centre-stage. Marked by precision and high quality, the collection offers a compelling lighting solution for a variety of design typologies, including branded environments, boutique spaces, hospitality spaces, and high-end residential applications.

The system’s narrow frame embedded with spotlights features a distinct 37° sharp-edged profile that enables it to fit seamlessly into the surface, resulting in edgeless lighting paths. Sleek and focussed, the lighting system dictates direction, frames the room subtly and lays great emphasis on the beauty of details. Razor is agile and adaptable — it allows the user to rotate, drag, and reorient the position of the lights to regulate the focus and suit various spatial requirements while remaining concealed within the cavity. For example, the Razor proves to be extremely useful to highlight key visual merchandise in a retail space even as its spotlights remain completely hidden.

Besides serving as a highly efficient source of accent lighting with direct lighting distribution, Razor’s design freedom lies in its ability to function as cove lighting. Its snug built allows it to be easily installed within numerous configurations and ensures optimal indirect illumination spread in any nook and corner. Moreover, the light system can be easily customised using couplers to ensure continuity along horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. For instance, the system can be rotated to a 90° tilt or a 135° tilt to evoke the desired look-and-feel.

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Made of high quality extruded aluminium, the Razor collection is available in lumen levels of 800, 1000, 1400, 2000, and 2500. The luminaries offer narrow, medium and wide beam angles, allowing one to regulate the illumination spread and distribution according to need. The range is exceptional from an aesthetic point of view due to its subtle, inconspicuous presence, and its highly bespoke quality that offers multiple permutations and combinations to redefine dimensional relationships in space.



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