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India Circus unveils eco-friendly tableware

The collection includes a range of bambooware, stoneware and copperware – three elements of sustainable nature that are perfect for the home

With exposure to an unpredictable pandemic that came with perks, one also got wiser and cautious towards adapting safety measures for a healthy lifestyle whether implemented on oneself or in a surrounding. Homespace where we usually find our comfort also evolved in terms of choices where the masses learnt on investing wisely and which led no threat to one’s health. In order to help keep one safe and sound, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta offers a range of bambooware, stoneware and copperware - three elements of sustainable nature that one can look forward to bringing home.

Upgrading kitchenware with products made of bamboo fibre can never be wrong if one is looking forward to having an eco-friendly touch. Green is the new clean. Considering one wouldn’t want to lose the luxe touch as well, that any household item brings with it, one can look up for offerings from the house of India Circus which is a blend of luxury yet affordable and sustainable. You can choose from Psittacines Enquiry bamboo jug set, Organised Ovule bamboo container set, Monochrome Palatial Courtyard bamboo salad bowl set, Lattice Blooms bamboo serving tray, and Aerial Moments bamboo frankie cup.

One of the healthiest ways of consuming food is through copperware. Only a 100% copper utilised product can provide astounding benefits to oneself with its antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. All of this contributes to improving digestive health and granting an overall wellness. Homes with such healthy choices is the way to go and here is a list of homeware items that lead to a healthy lifestyle: Doors of Mystical Wonder copper tumbler, Forest Fetish copper jug set, and Bird Land copper bottle.

What comes from earth, must return to earth - Stoneware in India Circus’ home interior items return to nature when its use is over. Designed intricately, these homewares add a naturistic model to any home and its cost-effective key is an added benefit. India Circus launched a variety of these stoneware items: Floral Lattice kulhad (set of 4), The Morning Glory kulhad (set of 4), and Flight of Birds kulhad (set of 4).



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