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Iosa Ghini Associati and Devon & Devon present Double Kalos

The double basin with mirror effortlessly combines functionality with beauty

Massimo Iosa Ghini has designed Double Kalos, a double basin with mirror for Devon & Devon as part of its partnership that was launched in 2019. The basin offers a modern take on sophisticated retro inspirations. The design of Double Kalos seamlessly combines two individual Kalos basins (previewed at Cersaie 2019), their circular mirrors also merging to generate a brand new balanced shape. The large double mirror that follows the profile of the basins is installed directly on the wall, for optimum cleaning and maintenance.

“Double Kalos,” explains Massimo Iosa Ghini, “is a particularly effective example of how to translate functionality into beauty. The harmony of its design was possible also thanks to the ability of Devon & Devon to use innovative materials that are particularly suitable for complex projects.” The body of Double Kalos is in White Tec, a composite material exclusively designed and produced for Devon & Devon to guarantee maximum impact resistance and compliance with the highest quality and sustainability standards.

The concept of the Kalos collection is based on the botanical world: the aesthetic of the column-mounted basins evokes the inviting, winding shapes of flower petals, designed by nature to draw dew towards their centre and stem. On request, the mirror can be backlit with LED light sources which, following the profile, underline the exclusivity of its design.



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