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The New Wallsilk Antibacterial by WallPepper/Group

The protective solution allows complete sanitisation of walls for maximum prevention and protection

WallPepper/Group wallpapers represent a valid decorative support to aesthetic and functional needs of any project, both residential and contract. In conformity with its corporate philosophy of offering real advantages and research for sustainable materials, WallPepper/Group has created an innovative protective product with real antibacterial features.

Always caring about contemporary living needs and its changings, WallPepper/Group now provides an innovative protective finish New Wallsilk Antibacterial – a two-component formulation with anti-proliferation of bacterial action, which can be used onto already applied wallpaper. Surfaces treated with New Wallsilk Antibacterial prevent bacteria growth; 99.9% are eliminated. The antimicrobial protective properties are possible thanks to its composition enriched with silver salts, antibacterial metal and disinfectant, which has a 'natural' germicidal action.

Moreover, the New Wallsilk Antibacterial protective product allows complete sanitisation of walls, for maximum prevention and protection even in environments with real difficulties. Excellent abrasion resistance, water repellency, good resistance to solvents and opaque appearance are just some of New Wallsilk Antibacterial’s features.

Besides surprising and exciting graphics, WallPepper/Group offers reliable solutions for decorating living environments in total safety, thus offering cutting-edge and certified solutions with higher quality standards to ensure healthy spaces. Thanks to the New Wallsilk Antibacterial protective, WallPepper/Group wallpapers confirm their quality as a valid tool to bring to the walls of any space, residential or contract, amazing images, capable of spreading well-being and living comfort.



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