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Obeetee presents Rubab collection

Inspired by Islamic architecture, the hand woven collection is a contemporary marvel in silk and wool

Obeetee, India’s largest hand-woven luxury carpet makers, brings their newest hand-loomed collection, Rubab. The collection portrays tessellated patterns, which are incited by Islamic architecture and elegantly encapsulates the contemporary composition with motifs in pure silk and natural wool texture with the hand-sheared pile.

The accuracy in knotting gives a beautiful rendition that's moderated by the striated shading of the pure wool and silk yarns. This hand-knotted collection commemorates the authentic style of archaic carpets while simultaneously re-envisioning them in a contemporary way. The motifs are modernised on a comfortable scale, in an elegant distressed silk and wool rug.

The rugs from this collection wil fit well in any house and emit luxury as well as heritage vibes, and at the same time elicit the patina and textural transitions that can be enjoyed by generations to come.



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