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Plüsch launches dining tables by Draenert

The dining tables introduced in India – Adler and Victor – showcase the finest in German craftsmanship

Plüsch, pioneers in bringing some of the finest German luxury brands to India, has introduced iconic dining tables by Draenert, the German company internationally famed for its superior quality furniture.

For the last 50 years, Draenert has earned the position of market leaders, especially for their stone dining tables. Using about 200 types of exotic natural stones from across the world, Draenert has elevated dining tables to iconic standards. The dining tables introduced in India – Adler and Victor – further attest to the brand’s mastery over the craft.

Since its launch 25 years ago, Adler, with a stunning stone top and innovative extension mechanism, has set unbelievable benchmarks for the rest. A clear design language and the masterful technique employed make it a class apart. Over the years, it has evolved to become highly customisable. With the help of the patented extension mechanism, the two halves of the table top extend synchronously in a jiffy, so that you have a 370 cm-long table. The center-leaf is lifted by a simple rotary movement. This versatile model offers customers the option of choosing from more than 180 types of stones from all over the world. It also comes with five different bases, various shapes of the edges and the top and several sizes (150-370 cm).

With its solid wood top and industrial design metal base, Victor presents a striking geometric appeal. The top is made of American walnut with sapwood and waxed finish. It is available in other wood types also. The H base and the base plate are made of black steel.



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