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Ellementry launches new kitchen storage solutions

The collection of storage units are perfect to upgrade the kitchen with interesting shelves and bins

Lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry has made an impressive mark in a short span with its impeccably handcrafted products. Celebrating simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs, Ellementry offers a refined way to live. The brand has launched a collection of charming storage units for the kitchen that can bring joy to a mundane space.

In these difficult times, many are finding solace in cooking, feeding and doing up the home and kitchen. Ellementry’s new collection of storage units are perfect to upgrade the kitchen with interesting solutions. The beautiful storage bins and shelves add lots of delight and style to the kitchen, and also allow one to organise things in a smart way by allotting a specific space for each and every thing. So no more wasted time looking for stuff.

Made of galvanised iron coated with food-safe materials, each storage barrel and bin is designed with much thought and ensures the products stored stay in good condition. For example, tactfully placed holes at the bottom of onion and potato storage bins allow aeration so that they stay fresh for long.

The beautifully handcrafted kitchen shelves and racks come in different sizes and are all enchanting. By displaying jars and bins in an attractive way, they make organising easy, and at the same time, add a design quotient to the kitchen. The storage collection comprises bins with wooden lid for onion, potato, rice and wheat, and kitchen organiser shelves.



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