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Stay breezy and save energy with Anemos

With its three new fans, Anemos is ensuring Indian households can stay cool and save electricity at the same time

Anemos is known for its collection of designer, premium and luxury fans. It has been in the business for more than a decade retailing all kinds of fans – from pocket-friendly and energy-saving to fans that are perfect for luxurious holiday homes. Besides a magnificent collection of fans, the store also houses extraordinary music players such as gramophones, phonographs and more that keep up with the latest technology yet transport you back in time. Recently, Anemos launched a new advanced range of ceiling fans built with BDLC technology that help save electricity.

India being a tropical country faces scorching summers and extreme conditions, especially when the temperature rises. During this heat, a fan, which is one of the most commonly used products in an Indian household, generally runs almost 24x7. Hence, the number of hours of usage combined with the number of fans in a household contributes significantly to the electricity bill. Built keeping energy conservation in mind along with the expected change and implementation of norms, Anemos launched the brand new BLDC collection of fans that will reduce power consumption.

The three new models that are launched are named Pygmy, Argus and Cutlass. These fans come with modern technology like remote control operation and reversible function, which makes them the fans for all seasons.



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