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Yogesh Joshi

Yasanche unveils the fascinating ‘Bubble I Flower Vase’ from its Water Series

The unconventional home décor accessory is moulded in translucent resin using eight intricate techniques

Yasanche has launched the ‘Bubble I Flower Vase’ from its Water Series. This unconventional home décor accessory is moulded in translucent resin using eight intricate techniques to achieve the final product. Since these techniques are hand-processed, each piece has one-of-a-kind features.

The inspiration behind Yasanche’s Water Series is the purity and kinetic form of water. This series exhibits a unique collection of accessories that portray the fluidity of water in its different states of existence, and its natural flow in the form of ripples, splashes, droplets and bubbles — shapes and movements that have been wonderfully captured as a moment in time. The Water Series includes awe-inspiring and distinctive home accessories. Future additions to the collection will be in the form of wall art and furniture objects.

The ‘Bubble I Flower Vase’ is evocative of soap bubbles and the froth and lather that is caused by them. Since childhood, bubbles have always captured the imagination of people. Furthermore, bubbles have been associated with positive emotions such as fun, joy and celebration in pop culture. The ‘Bubble I Flower Vase’ aims to bring this allure and fascination for bubbles into your homes. The vase features bubbles that have come together to create the flower vase, along with three separate sets of bubbles, which can be placed around the flower vase to add to its theatrics. Additionally, while this vase has circular holes to hold dry flowers, it can also be placed without flowers as a home décor piece.



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