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Mohh presents compact furniture that adds a classy finish to your room

The collection consists of tables, side tables, cabinets and display stands

Interiors play a very important role in our lives today. Many factors come into play when you plan the interior décor of your home. Apart from the functionality and aesthetic quality, homeowners are now looking for budget-friendly furniture that is affordable and practical.
Minimalistic designs are the go to option for many homeowners today. Mohh is a furnishing venture that has entered into the consumer space by utilising its expansive manufacturing set-up to deliver modern and contemporary designs for urban Indians. The collection consists of tables, side tables, cabinets and display stands.

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Mare side table:
A simple yet elegant Nordic design takes shape in the form of this bedside table. Perfect to add either in the living room or in the bedroom, this design also uses the sea-inspired print on the face of the drawer.

Mare stand display:
A stand-out blue becomes a part of the Mare collection and is incorporated in this standalone display unit. Versatile enough to add to a living room, bedroom or study room, the design is completed with the statement, elegant leg structure.

Mare wall-mounted cabinet:
Wall-mounted, display shelves that are quirky and can be arranged in any fashion of your choice, they come in a set of two with sliding shutters. As a part of the Mare collection, they use the same print, inspired by the painting of a sea, and give a look of sliding a painting while keeping true to the Scandinavian design inspiration.

Calo 3 table:

The space-saving, sturdy and easy-to-collapse wall-mounted table comes in three versatile shapes. The wooden top, finished with a laminate, is the perfect workstation to be added in any corner of the house.   A smooth hinge makes it possible to open and close the table top as per your convenience.

Selva table:
The concept behind the Selva table was to have a study/ work table that could be used while sitting on a sofa. The table also has dedicated space for phone/ notepad placement.

Ascent table:
A truly multi-purpose table, it can be used for working while sitting and standing. Simply lift the right table top tray, which comes equipped with a hydraulic hinge, and it becomes a standing table top. Metal legs and the wooden table top make it a classic study table with ample storage.



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