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Sans Souci Services launches a new pendant light – Flash

With its bold design and unmatched sparkle, the light creates a dramatic spectacle

Czech lighting giant Sans Souci Services, renowned for creating tailor-made decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architecture features for projects around the world, has launched in India a new pendant light – Flash. With its bold design and unmatched sparkle, the light creates a dramatic spectacle.

If you want to make a sure-fire impression, then Flash is right for you. With its unique design and deep amber colour, it glows and sparkles like a regal jewel. And you have no choice but to stop and gape at its bright presence. From a curtain of glittering crystal and golden amber beads hangs a solitary pendant that looks like molten gold. And imagine a bunch of such pendant lights, the magic grows manifold!

Flash consists of a masterfully handblown amber component with hand cut and hand polished beads. The entire composition looks like a flaming swarm, that will spread its sparkle far and wide. The Flash pendant light comes in various sizes and heights to suit a wide range of spaces and requirements, hence offering a lot of versatility in the way it is used. You could choose to have it as a grand statement light in your living room, or as bedside pendant lights. Either way, it is sure to stand out.

The best part is, like most Sans Souci Services lights, it offers many colour variations: amber dark, amber light, crystal amber light, crystal opal, crystal sand-blasted, crystal semi-gold nano, crystal silver nano and crystal.

Sans Souci Services draws on the experiences of past generations of glass-makers, with the quality of work defined by the purely Czech origin of their products. The brand masters in creating original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns, and others.



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