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Khenshu unveils the dazzling Rose Quartz collection

Displaying ancient techniques, the collection is moulded by Indian artisans, and flaunts an array of exquisite semi-precious stones that are embedded on pure silver sheets

With a deep-rooted vision to revive the slowly-fading Indian art forms and their exquisite craftsmanship, Aishwarya Reddy launched Khenshu in November 2019 with its first flagship store at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru. Khenshu is a design house that creates beautiful pieces of furniture and décor accessories inspired by the meticulous architecture and decorative arts of bygone eras. Celebrating the nuanced workmanship of skilled Indian artisans who have worked in Royal palaces, the brand aspires to bring back the traditional opulence and culture of our country into contemporary settings.

Khenshu’s latest offering – the Rose Quartz collection – witnesses a finessed amalgamation of Rococo and Neoclassic styles, which flourished during the reigns of the famous Louis XV and Louis XVI of France. Rose Quartz, popularly known as the ‘love stone’, is a semi-precious gemstone which opens and heals the heart chakra; and is beautifully weaved into each and every single piece of furniture and accessory in this collection. The backbone of the collection – and what gives it its distinct identity – are the pure silver sheets that are used in the construction of the structure. To ensure that the product is long-lasting, the silver sheets are pasted on old building teak and are weathered through seasons to avoid expansion. The range is made entirely by skilled hands, and took over six months to make.

Designed and crafted to fit into modern minimalistic spaces or grand contemporary settings, each piece is full of character, has wonderful stories to tell, and is most definitely a conversation starter. The fine ensemble includes consoles, mirrors, sofas, armrests, chaise loungers, bookends and table lamps carved in pure silver using ancient techniques mastered by Indian artisans.

Celebrating Indian craftsmanship and world history, Aishwarya Reddy, founder & creative director, Khenshu, shares, “India has an abundance of heritage and craftsmanship to offer and it is our responsibility to support this. We are rebuilding a community of forgotten Indian artisans who’ve worked in palaces, and are reviving their crafts and highlighting and bringing forward their expertise.”



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