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Orvi launches a unique collection – Blazon

The range is an eclectic mix of timeless surfaces that adds character in dream homes

Manifesting infinite ideas with handcrafted metal inlays to life, Orvi – a home decor brand that offers innovative surfaces – launches a unique collection called Blazon. The newly launched range accentuates the stunning beauty of natural stone meticulously adorned with curved metal inlays. The heraldic muse behind this collection is depicted with intricate stylised flora that epitomises love and pastoral harmony.

Blazon boasts of natural stone, wood and glass that are exquisitely embellished with finely crafted metal inlays to create textural masterpieces for living spaces. Exemplifying the classic charm of metal, the stainless steel and brass contrast either boldly with black Sangemini limestone or complement subtly with the polished whiteness of Bianco Carrara marble. Blazon lends its allure to diverse options such as walls, floors, furniture tops, bathroom backspaces & highlighter walls, and even exteriors. They instantly transform into a visual feast and add a sophisticated element to the spaces. With these engrossing designs and captivating patterns, Blazon is extremely à la mode and elevates the vibe of mundane interiors instantly to leave onlookers truly fascinated. The precision in the designs are unmatched and are only achievable through new-age technology and strong artisanal capabilities possessed by the team at Orvi. 

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Amalgamating the best of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, the tasteful results in Blazon impart a feeling of verve and timeless elegance. Adding a personal touch in its offerings, Orvi also customises designs/ shapes and materials on special request for this range. Keeping stellar craftsmanship and quality at the pinnacle of this range, Orvi is committed to relentlessly open up new horizons for modern aesthetics.



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