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Compact furniture can add a classy finish to your room

The latest collection from Mohh helps achieve this look

Interiors play a very important role in our lives today. Many factors come into play while planning the interior décor of your home. Apart from functionality and aesthetic quality, homeowners are now looking for budget-friendly furniture that is affordable and practical.

The recent home décor fad entails homeowners looking for furniture pieces that aesthetically uplift their home. Compatible seating stools being one of the latest trends are slowly becoming an option for many homeowners today. Mohh, a furnishing venture that has entered the consumer space by utilising their expansive manufacturing set-up to deliver modern and contemporary designs for urban Indians, offers compact seating options that add a chic look to your home, making it look spacious.

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Sei stool
A design revelation with its graphical shape and minimalistic construction. Viewed from different angles, it changes its shape and its vibrant coloured legs go well with the Sei table.

Kakudo stool

Derived from the Japanese word for ‘angle’, the Kakudo stool uses the same in its design philosophy to achieve a minimal form factor. The concept plays with different angles in the design, producing an edgy and minimal look. 

Leslie barstool
The Leslie barstool with its sleek, chic design comes with an added bonus of easy care and durability, all in one product.

Uku Mini
Uku Mini has a trendy, minimalist, straight-cut design and can be used as a stool, table or ottoman. It promises functionality and comfort, whilst being sleek and sturdy. Composed of a metal frame with a wooden top surface, its superior design occupies little space.

Kirin stool
Inspired by the elegance of a giraffe’s wings, the Kirin stool is a perfect combination of metal and wood. Its strength and functionality will ensure years of everyday use in both high traffic seating areas and in private environments.



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