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S Cube launches an Ergonomic Home Study Station for school and college students

Offered in collaboration with Humanscale, the ‘SFH-Student Package’ is a complete study station providing ergonomic support and comfort while learning from home

With a view to protect ‘Study From Home (SFH)’ students from physical hazards and musculoskeletal disorders, S Cube Ergonomics, the authorised India distribution partner of Humanscale, has announced the national launch of its Ergonomic Home Study Station. This ‘SFH-Student Package’, offered in collaboration with Humanscale, the leading global designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products, consists of an ergonomic chair, fixed desk, monitor arm, keyboard tray, foot rocker and a two-drawer pedestal, making it a complete study station providing ergonomic support and comfort while learning from home.

This ‘SFH- Student Package’ is customisable/ adaptable/ versatile and can be conveniently installed and used anywhere at home, not just by school and college students of all ages, but also teachers as well as working professionals.
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector in India. Classes have been suspended to enforce social distancing and educational institutions, from schools to universities, have shifted to online methods of teaching and evaluation. For online classes, students have to sit for long hours in front of laptops or mobiles, often maintaining an incorrect posture on the bed/ sofa/ dining table, etc., leading to serious health issues like extreme pain in their backs, shoulders, and neck muscles, ultimately leading to lack of focus and decreased performance.
In this scenario, finding the perfect home study station that encourages good posture, reduces exertion and fatigue and promotes overall well-being, is an absolute must.
The ‘SFH-Student Package’ is a perfect combination of six tools, four Humanscale ergonomic products– Different World chair, the light-weight, all-mesh ergonomic chair designed with minimal parts for the ultimate user-friendly experience; M2.1 monitor arm designed for unprecedented adaptability; a keyboard tray that allows the user to sit in a healthy, neutral position; and foot rocker that relieves soreness from static sitting through gentle rocking of the feet; along with two non-Humanscale products– a fixed desk that is the perfect solution to a compact home study space; and a pedestal with two drawers for keeping books/ stationery.
The customer has an option to choose (instead of the M2.1 monitor arm) a Humanscale laptop holder that raises the laptop screen height to promote good ergonomic posture while drastically improving user comfort.
“To enhance academic performance, it is essential to create at home the right study space for students. Whether you have a high-school student, college-goer or a younger kid, the right study station can make a huge difference. A bad posture and lack of movement can be damaging, resulting in increased stress levels, making it extremely difficult for students to focus,” said Sathish Nandagopal, founder & director of S Cube Ergonomics.
“Investing in our range of ergonomic products will ensure that the students feel comfortable and experience less fatigue. By reducing the hazardous impact of repetitive movements, an ergonomic home study station will help them concentrate and perform better. If you are keen on encouraging your children to establish a good posture, this is the right place to start,” added Nandagopal.



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