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Aries Group & Allabout Innovations launch foolproof protection for cinemas

To woo the audience back to their properties, cinema owners are making significant all-round investments to enhance the cinema viewing experience

Dubai-based Aries Group has partnered with technology fostering firm, Allabout Innovations, to launch a cinema-specific COVID protection system that can protect patrons from all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Dr Sohan Roy, founder and CEO, Aries Group of Companies, Aries Vismayas Max Studio, and Aries Plex, stated that this innovation will prove to be a cost-effective solution for theatre owners to save their business. “With this technology in place, we are sure to bring back the cinema industry back on track, providing viewers with a safe environment to enjoy cinema the way they used to,” Roy explains.

AI has manufactured in India, Wolf brand Ozone generators, as well as Ion thrusters, which will sanitise the areas where it operates. While the Ozone generators are meant for enclosures like studios and rooms, the AirMask ion thrusters come as a perfect solution for big cinema halls.

Speaking about AirMask, Sujesh Sugunan, CEO of Allabout Innovations, said, "It can discharge up to 25 million negative ions per cm3, which will bind with the positive ions of COVID 19 and any other harmful viruses present in the air and neutralise it. Wolf Air Mask, when placed in a theatre, will ensure that the air inside the hall is neutralised by killing the harmful bacteria and viruses within fractions of a second.”

Aries Group will take up the marketing of this revolutionary product in the cinema industry. Air Mask is specially designed to be placed inside a cinema hall, where a lot of aspects like consideration to lighting, acoustics and noise have to be taken care of. The company plans to launch 1000 equipment in the first phase.



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