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Nuance Studio presents Monolith series

The customisable range of concrete wash basins is available in innumerable forms, colours and textures

Nuance Studio has introduced the trendiest series of Monolith washbasins. With no joints between the counters and washbasins, the collection simplifies cleaning, maintenance, and promotes hygiene. Monolith series washbasins by Nuance Studio are monolithically cast along with vanity counter, fascia and backsplash if needed. The Monolith series is available in innumerable forms, colours and textures.

Nuance Studio manufactures luxury and lifestyle washbasins using its cutting-edge technology of concrete i.e. Litheoz, which is highly malleable and sets to become rock solid with increased strength and low porosity, enabling discerning clientele to choose any product crafted in almost any form and shape.

Customers can customise the basins to a great extent. The surface is coated with multiple layers of breathable advanced sealer system that makes the washbasin resistant to stains. The surface of the washbasin can be refurbished to make it look as good as new by waxing it periodically if required. The basins can also be cleaned with diluted soap and sponge.

Ajaay Srinivas, founding director, Nuance Studio, shares, “Concrete washbasins are highly trending and well accepted globally in recent years. With the advancement in technology, today concrete can be moulded into a piece of art that is not just beautiful but functional and durable as well. Every product crafted in concrete is special and has its characteristics.”

The entire collection of Monolith washbasins can be seen at Nuance Studio’s flagship studio in Bengaluru and also on



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