The First Ferry, Bespoke collection, Bespoke furniture, Contemporary furniture, Deer chair, Tiger coffee table, Lion’s lounge, Raging Bull, Flamingo table, Whale table, Pegasus, Fashion chair, Porsche inspired furniture

The First Ferry presents its Bespoke collection

The design studio offers a sneak peek into the eclectic collection of artsy, one-of-its-kind furniture

Every month, The First Ferry adds a new design to their Bespoke collection - an amalgamation of trendy, vibrant furniture. The collection includes Deer chair, Tiger coffee table, Lion’s lounge,  Raging Bull, Flamingo table, Whale table, Pegasus, Fashion chair and Porsche inspired furniture.

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Crafted with precision out of metal and glass, the Tiger coffee table is a lustrous masterpiece. It brings into the room a sense of sovereignty and quietude. The ripples visible on the glass is an effect brought out by the texture on the lower surface.

The soul is surrounded in the epicenter of nature with the Flamingo coffee table. With legs of metal and a body that carries an intricate moulding of feathers, the table orates the story of the migratory birds and their splendour.

The Falcon chair is an intricate piece of luxury that exhibits royalty. The blazing amber and shades of gold of this magnificent bird captures the most noble of lifestyles. The expanse of the wings enables the soul to fly through the ethereal beauty of the supernatural, imposing a one-of-its kind experience



22 Sep, 2020
Leaders from the design fraternity shared their thoughts on the technique and its current place in design
21 Sep, 2020
The two shows will now take place from October 10-13 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex
15 Sep, 2020
The exhibition will be part of the gallery’s Pause series