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Portronics introduces a series of portable UV sterilisers

CleanEx and CleanEx 101 are equipped with advanced UV-C technology, designed to sterilise and disinfect surfaces

Portronics, a prominent leader in the portable consumer electronics market, has introduced CleanEx – a series of portable UV steriliser sticks, to get rid of unwanted infections. CleanEx and CleanEx 101 are equipped with advanced UV-C Technology and are designed to sterilise and disinfect up to 99% of germs and viruses, effectively. This portable stick reduces the risk of virus contamination, odour-causing bacteria, and certain molds and allergens from surfaces at home, or even while travelling.

Being a super UV steriliser, the CleanEx series is powered to disinfect valuables/articles in less than five minutes, eliminating up to 99% bacteria, including fungi. Its quick technology, combined with long battery life, makes it a travel essential. Simply wave the sterilisation stick onto the article you wish to disinfect, and the job is done.

CleanEx comes equipped with in-built, rechargeable batteries, and is also directly chargeable with a USB Cable. CleanEx 101, on the other hand, is direct-power enabled, and does not come with in-built batteries. But, it supports 4 AAA batteries (not included). CleanEx 101 also offers intelligent protection via an ultra-modern gravity sensor, designed to automatically shut off once the sanitiser stick has turned over (UV side up). It protects the eyes and skin from direct exposure to harmful UV rays.



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