Luxe Bath Spaces

Bath fixtures have a big impact on elevating the look and feel of mundane bathroom spaces, and new age products do just that

Modern bathroom designs are a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality. There are numerous ways to imagine a bathroom, based on the client’s requirement and the intended use of the space. Bath fixtures are the finer details that contribute to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Product Mix
The market today has seen a plethora of launches in the bath fixture space that combine form and functionality. SCHELL is offering a particularly hygienic and water efficient solution that perfectly matches the EDITION urinal series with the contact-free, infrared controlled EDITION E system for the COMPACT II concealed WC flush valve. The flush is triggered by a hand approaching in the proximity area or automatically when leaving the WC (room monitoring). Dilip Kumar, managing director, SCHELL India, says, “To prevent the build-up of deposits in the nozzle orifice, the WC cartridge additionally has an automatic nozzle cleaning pin. This is activated with every flush. A filter provides additional protection against contamination.”
Known for offering a truly global, multi-brand, multi-category portfolio, LIXIL houses leading global brands like American Standard, GROHE, INAX and TOSTEM. New products under the GROHE brand includes the Smart Connect Shower that allows the user to switch between or combine two spray patterns without having to reach up to the shower head, thanks to the wireless remote control, which can be placed anywhere, as well as three new sanitaryware collections starting from entry level to premium price segments, including features like PureGuard, which focuses on superior hygiene. Visionnaire has launched exquisite washbasins, consoles and wellness units for bathrooms as part of their Beauty 2020 collection that includes the LEONARDO Wellness Unit and KOBOL Wellness Unit.

Focus on Efficiency
Technology is entering the home space to make homes more functional, reduce energy consumption and make environments more pleasant. “The bathroom has witnessed the development of several technologies. GRAFF Aqua-sense shower system has found applications both in private residences and in the spa sector. The final user can benefit from a touchscreen technology, which is very user-friendly and satisfying in terms of aesthetics. Watching videos, listening to music and enjoying the different shades of colour lightening are all functions that make the shower a very intense moment, recreating the spa experience even inside a private house,” says Maurizio Meloda, technical & operations director, GRAFF India.

Visionnaire has created natural stone tops for bathrooms that are enhanced and protected by the revolutionary Azerocare process. Antolini license Azerocare is the first specific protective process for marble and onyx used in luxurious bathrooms. “It is the ideal solution for bathrooms as it guarantees permanent protection against stains and corrosion caused by contact of surfaces with acidic organic substances (whose PH ranges from 3 to 8). Extremely advanced, this process is today unique in the sector and carries out its protective function, keeping aesthetics, colours and perception to the touch of the natural stone,” says Elenore Cavalli, art director, Visionnaire.

Water Wise
Also, bath fixtures are being designed with ecological considerations. “Utilising our technology, capabilities, and partnerships with various stakeholders, we have set a target of improving the lives of 100 million people through safe sanitation and hygiene businesses by 2025. We have identified a growing need for smart solutions that are hygienic, use less water and are easy to maintain, and we have invested in research and development of sustainable solutions, which is why we aim at becoming a leading enterprise in water sustainability,” says Bobby Joseph, general manager, LIXIL Water Technology (LWT), India and Subcontinent.

There has been much development in the areas as far as the bathroom fixtures, be it fittings, light mirror, mirror cabinets, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, shower trays, wash basins, etc., are concerned. “Advancement of aerators that, even on low pressure, can give a flow rate of 4.5-6 l/m for faucets and 12 liters for the head shower and hand shower. Looking at this, we are looking at around 18 l/m to 16.5 l/m as far as the water efficient faucets and showers are concerned. Then, we have the WC concealed cisterns along with rimless WC, which further help in reduction of the water consumption per usage and that can take further 4.5 -6 l/m. LED binning technology for light mirrors and mirror cabinets ensures very little electricity consumption over an exceedingly long time,” says Rahul Kher, founder & director, Zalur Lifestyle, and country partner & national associate, KEUCO & BETTE.

Technology Take
Smart technology is gaining a lot of popularity. Some trends were underway before the pandemic hit, but of late we see these trends catching on more actively. People would now like to navigate everything on a personal level, where the engagement between people and appliances would be via apps or through technology that minimises physical touch between man and machine.
Sandeep Shukla, head marketing & communications – global operations, Jaquar Group, says, “We have ensured the creation and incorporation of a technologically advanced range that not only promotes touch-free or germ-kill functionalities, but also paves the way for the reduction of energy and water consumption. The changing landscape has already made the present and the future more concerned with touch-free appliances that are functional yet sustainable.”
Serhan Ates Yagiz, country manager, India, VitrA, adds, “VitrA has launched sensor faucets that operate on a complete automation process, providing extra hygiene and helping to conserve water. When the photocell feature senses your hand, the water flow begins, and the faucet shuts when it can no longer sense your hand. Our stylish water-saving faucets come in the AquaSee range and Nature photocell basin mixer. VitrA‘s Aquasee, technologically savvy, practical and hygienic water-saving photocell faucets operate with a brand new sensor technology that helps you preserve natural resources. It has a comfort design that is easy to use thanks to its inclined body and angular outlet. A new power source that generates its own power with the flow of water.”

Aesthetic Vibes
Bath fixtures like showerheads and faucets must be measured based on their function and aesthetic value. To lend an aesthetically pleasing bathroom design, it is very important for the design to be unified with all the details being considered together. “While doing up a bathroom, the minute facts, such as the bathroom fixtures, may seem insignificant, but they manage to contribute a lot to the whole look and feel of the room. For instance, a squared-off faucet having distinct corners facilitates in lending a very contemporary and lustrous look to a bath space. In addition to this, features like colour, shape and materials also have a crucial role to play in highlighting a room’s aesthetics. For instance, opting for a copper-coloured faucet is an outstanding choice that calls attention to the faucet instead of having it amalgamate into the background,” explains Jigna Kantawala, architect, Elysium Abodes.
Linear faucets with a sharper edge detailing will give a more contemporary and sleeker look to a space, rather than a traditional, rounded faucet. The fittings dictate the technical detailing of the space to ensure a neat and clean bathroom. “They also bring in a play of size, material, colours, and textures; for example, a copper-toned faucet will catch more attention than the usual chrome accessories, and a bright-toned basin would create a bolder look than a mellow glass basin, or a neutral-coloured basin. The choice of toilet fixtures, shower details, and tubs also changes the look and feel of the bathroom. It can be designed as a spa with a Jacuzzi and bathtub, or an indulgent space with rain showers and free-standing statement tubs,” adds Dhruva Kalra, principal architect, I’m D’sign.

Design Mantra
Fixtures are to a bathroom as furniture is to a room. Fixtures create an experience and accentuate the bathroom. The bathroom design is changing with fixture trends. Chetan Anand, co-founder, Dioc & Co., says, “Contrasting colours and variety in shapes and materials can create the most exotic bathroom spaces.  The design of the entire bathroom can revolve around the idea to hero a shower space that gives an experience like bathing in a small natural waterfall. Even the hand washing experience can be made royal with the bronze-plated bowls available nowadays.”
Regular chrome finishes and tiny showers have been replaced by stunning fixtures and the most advanced diverter system and WCs. “Basins that are made up of the most exquisite materials such as crystals, stone, and resin, make the washroom a must place to check out. With a huge array of finishes available in bath fittings, one can be as creative as they can while designing a washroom. There is a finish available to complement whatever tile or stone you have selected for the washroom,” aver Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, co-founders and creative heads, Azure Interiors.
Modern bathrooms feel open and functional. “Try adding some luxurious bath products to your shower or tub area. A few succulents or other small houseplants add a nice touch of greenery when scattered about the room,” opines Sparshi Gupta, principal architect, Design Foundation.
In the end, the user’s personal preferences should dictate the final outcome.



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