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Ochre at Home unveils signature accent tables

Fashioned out of diverse materials, each of the tables is an inspired piece representing a bold new style

Kolkata-based Ochre at Home (OAH) is known for their bespoke furniture showcasing radical and forward-looking designs that are rooted in tradition. A new collection of signature tables that they have unveiled recently stands testimony to their eternal quest for offering something novel and unique.

You may treat them as side tables in your furniture mix-up, but this signature set of tables still manages to steal the show with its extraordinary charm. Fashioned out of diverse materials, each of the tables is an inspired piece representing a bold new style. And each imparts a fresh look to your space that is second to none.

Illusion peg
Inspired from Moroccan forms of architectural detailing, this table finished in piano black lacquer, makes a striking impression whether you place it in a contemporary set-up or traditional.

Origami and Origami peg

Drawing inspiration from the minimal elegance of Origami, this accent table strikes a taut balance between creativity and sophistication. The delicacy of the Japanese art is interpreted in solid teak as a fluted ring, teamed with hammered brass. It can easily be the conversation piece of any design story.

Mushroom peg tables

Coco & Vanilla: the twin peg tables add a stylish sophistication to any corner. Coco is designed in a wooden stained oak base with open pore matt finish and top in leather; while Vanilla is styled in lacquered high gloss white base with its top in leather.

Origami Rose
Evocative of Origami’s delicate folds, this peg table is a picture of grace and sophistication. Finished in porcelain-like lacquer, its hand-painted posies of spring flowers add elegance and joie de vivre to any design story.

This intricately hand-carved Victorian peg table is styled in solid teak and finished in walnut burl top with a matte white base. Elegant and playfully whimsical, it adds a vintage touch to your space.

Pillar side table

Inspired from the vintage architecture of the Rajbaris in Bengal, this exquisite side table in solid teak wood features a group of slender pillars with a base. The top is crafted in open-pore, matt-finish burl veneer. You could also use it as a pedestal to place a sculpture or a bust.

Sphere table
Inspired by circular shapes and tubes, the Sphere table features a bold look and a fascinating material combination — the top is finished in open-pored Oak veneer, while the solid wood base sports high-gloss lacquer with accents of white and grey.



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