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Welspun Flooring launches a first-of-its-kind anti-viral flooring range

Backed with advanced technology, the company introduces anti-viral and anti-microbial flooring across its wall-to-wall and carpet tile ranges

Welspun Flooring has announced the launch of an industry first anti-viral range of flooring solutions for Indian and global markets. The anti-viral flooring solution is offered through integration across the soft flooring ranges – carpet tiles and wall-to-wall tiles, and is certified by ResInnova Laboratories, USA. The innovative range will be made available to customers across the country.

The disruptive pandemic has not only changed people’s daily routine, but also made them revisit some of the most basic lifestyle aspects in order to make it more healthy and hygienic. The first line of defence against the COVID-19 virus was to maintain personal hygiene, which included washing hands, using sanitisers and wearing masks. However, an aspect that was often overlooked is the role of high interaction surfaces like floors that play a host for various viruses and germs, which are easily transmitted through shoes and other carriers. Taking cognizance of this and keeping customer’s safety at the core, Welspun Flooring has created an anti-viral range of flooring that ensures the floors do not become a surface for the virus to thrive on. This innovatively curated range will further ensure the safety of commercial spaces like offices and hotels in the age of the new normal.

This first-of-its-kind range comes with a special coating of silver ion and titanium oxide that inhibits the growth of and eradicates the virus by 99.68%, including the human coronavirus. The coating eliminates the virus when it comes in contact with the surface. Welspun’s range of flooring does not only have anti-viral, but also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The anti-microbial coating prevents the unwanted odour in carpet tiles and protects the flooring from stains and discoloration caused by bacteria and fungi. This treatment further safeguards the products against fungi, algae and certain micro animals such as house dust mites. It works aggressively in preventing the growth of bacteria within products.

This anti-viral technology has been tested on ISO 18184:2019 by ResInnova Laboratories against the OC43 human coronavirus. Furthermore, the properties in this technology have high durability and can stay active on treated tiles for up to five years, ensuring long lasting protection for consumers and their families.

Commenting on the launch, Mahesh Shah, CEO - Domestic Business, Welspun Flooring, said, “The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to reform the new normal, creating a need for products that will become an integral part of every individual’s lives. As people increasingly become conscious and invested in creating a hygienic and healthier environment, they are seeking solutions that can be seamlessly amalgamated into their lives. In response to this rising need, we have launched a disruptive range of anti-viral flooring solutions that effectively rids your floors of any virus, thereby ensuring a safe surface. Supported with cutting-edge technology, this industry-first innovation has been certified by the USA-based ResInnova Labs. We also have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties available across our soft flooring ranges.”



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