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Plüsch launches a sophisticated shelving unit by Yomei

Magic Matrix Regal sports a very modern, minimal and lightweight design

Yomei is a young German furniture brand known for its products that combine refined aesthetics, intelligent design, precise workmanship and a high level of practical function. Magic Matrix Regal, a sophisticated shelving system by Yomei, is launched in India by Plüsch, pioneers in bringing the finest German luxury brands to the country.

With its very modern, minimal and lightweight design, Magic Matrix Regal is an impressive shelving system that is also exceptionally flexible and functional. The surface is made of leather and produced with a special folding technique. The shelving system can be installed up to a maximum height of 3 m under the ceiling or on the wall, so you could use it like a gorgeous space divider.

The system offers a great deal of customisation – the shelves can be made in a width up to a maximum of 100 cm, and in a depth from 22 to 35 cm. The elements with flap and drawer provide maximum storage space. For the elements with a flap, there are customised dimensions possible as well. A rotatable TV bracket provides a 180-degree view.

What makes the shelving unit a striking spectacle is the LED lighting with concealed cable, which is available as an option for the individual shelves. In addition, an LED spot is also available, allowing you to illuminate important issues and emphasise them. This spot is moveable on an integrated ‘light rail’, making it a truly magical shelf. Magic Matrix Regal is available in 10 different colours in leather and micro leather finish.



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