Wewood - Portuguese Joinery, Orca chair, Chairs, Sculptural backrest, Orca inspired chair

Orca: a light and strong chair

The sculptural backrest of the chair by Wewood - Portuguese Joinery is inspired by the fin of an orca

Orca is an all-wood chair that achieves lightness and elegance through design, but also strength and comfort through materials and craft techniques.

The combination of joinery and high technology made it possible to develop its unusual and multifaceted legs. The sculptural backrest inspired by the fin of an orca, where the chair got its name from, seems to graciously emerge from the legs.

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Comfortable, strong and light, the Orca chair enhances any room. It is available in oak or walnut and with or without a seat pad.



22 Sep, 2020
Leaders from the design fraternity shared their thoughts on the technique and its current place in design
21 Sep, 2020
The two shows will now take place from October 10-13 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex
15 Sep, 2020
The exhibition will be part of the gallery’s Pause series