Anemos, Fandelier collection, Functional design, Beautifully designed fans, Stunning chandeliers

Anemos' Fandelier collection combines functionality with elegance

The range consists of beautifully designed fans integrated with equally stunning chandeliers

The festive season is upon us and Anemos' Fandelier collection is the perfect way to ring in the festivities by sprucing up the ceilings with a combination of beautifully designed fans integrated with equally stunning chandeliers, which will not only illuminate your home but also ensure pure air circulation.

This collection includes:

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The Belle Epoque - A quiet fan with quite a powerful performance and a visual that is reminiscent of vintage theatre. The fan resembles a hand fan and, when switched on and off, the blades retract, creating quite a visual treat. The fan is integrated with a beautiful inverted lamp shade that is ideal for any small and intimate space such as a study, walk-in closet or a den.

Fiore - A great mix of design and functionality, based on the centrifugal force principle, the Fiore is a vintage style fan with hand sprayed tea-stained finish and centre lighting, which looks great over a desk or dining table. Goes well with antique style décor.

Libellula - Libellula is inspired by the Italian dragonfly; the two powerful blades are broad and are at a high angle to provide maximum airflow. The light in the centre makes this already unique and edgy design worth investing in.

Crystal -  The Crystal is a decorative ceiling fan with leaf-shaped solid wood blades, which is perfect for fusion or period décor. Suitable for a high ceiling, the Crystal has a crystal dome for lighting divided into uplight and downlight.

Diamante -  The Diamante is a contemporary designer ceiling fan that works on the centrifugal principle. With sturdy blades and a chandelier in the middle, it is a beautiful choice of a fan for a dining area.



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