IOTA’s Queen Bed is upholstered in water-resistant fabric with elements of stainless steel.
IOTA’s Queen Bed is upholstered in water-resistant fabric with elements of stainless steel.

Product and space designers are paying a great deal of attention to bedrooms

These rooms for relaxation are marked by furniture that combines appearance with function

Considered as a room to relax and retreat to at the end of the day, bedrooms tend to fulfill a deep psychological needs for us humans. This is precisely why a great deal of thought goes in designing this personal space that is markedly different and individual than the rest of the house. Product designers are therefore designing bedroom sets and closets with advanced features. Think ergonomically designed beds and mattresses, in-built acoustics, reclining features, statement lounge chairs for bedrooms and, of course, highly efficient organised closets with multiple storage solutions with advanced hardware solutions and more.

From a design perspective, a bedroom today may appear minimalist in nature but still holds a great deal of detail within its four walls. Whether it’s subtle wall panelling with brass inlay work, rustic wall finish (concrete finish being the new favourite) or wallpapers with intricate designs, these elements define the space while the furniture adorn the bedroom like jewels. Floor-to-ceiling drapes, patterned rugs and statement lounge chairs complete the look. These design trends are visible in modest designs to high-end spaces, each interpreting the trend to suit its budget and design language.

The Sebastian Bed by Nitin Kohli Home is designed to be the central attraction in the room with its towering headboard and sophisticated finish.

In bedrooms, the trends are diverse, from minimalist designs to revival of traditional details. Juxtaposing the designs of the past era with the restraint of modern design sensibilities results in a beautiful collection of beds. The Great Eastern Home meets this trend with its handcrafted beds that are an interesting contemporary take on Art Nouveau. While one of the beds is completely crafted in fine rosewood, the Four Poster Bed is made of Burma teak. Designed in-house, both beds bring the old-world charm in a modern setting without compromising on authenticity.

It’s clearly a prominent trend because the new bed collections from Ficus, too, closely follows this style. Their Brass Inlay Bed is a four-poster bed with a beautiful leather panelled headboard and a framework that is characterised by rich, deep-tone wood highlighted by brass inlay. On the other hand, the French Bed exudes class of another kind with its high, white headboard and a framework of wood that is finished in Duco paint with semi-matte finish.

Designs that exude luxurious comfort and soothing vibes are most sought after in bedrooms. In many ways, the beds are designed to be the central attraction, whether it is through pieces with majestic headboards or ones cladded in luxurious fabric. From Nitin Kohli Home’s new collection, the Sebastian Bed encapsulates this trend with its white, high-back headboard which offers a towering sense of sophistication to a contemporary bed with classic details. The richness and precision of the padded framework results in a opulent piece of furniture that can be paired with statement ottomans and exotic rugs.

With beds becoming focal element in the room, the designs are getting more captivating and detailed. The Delhi-based furniture store Iota showcases two such beds. The Hangar Bed has a capitonné headboard in mustard nubuck upholstery. This king-size bed with storage comes with a curved back which ensures easy headrest. True to its name, the Queen Bed is grand in its size and finesse. Upholstered in water-resistant fabric with elements of stainless steel, the bed comes with ready storage fitted with gas pistons for ease of operation and access. It is part of a series that includes sensor lights for nightstands – which adds beauty and functionality to the opulent series.

Wardrobes have never been more efficient, sleek and even technologically advanced. German brand Nolte’s Marcato 2.0, is one such creation where the wardrobe comes with a vertical light band along the chrome handles and connecting panels which can be operated by a remote. A combination of hinged and sliding door with drawers, the wardrobe comes with a sophisticated lighting system with a single remote control for up to four light sources. In its aesthetics, the all-black, glass wardrobe fits well in the current trends in bedrooms with minimalist appeal. It is the basalt glass shutters and chrome handles that make Marcato 2.0 a desirable addition to bedrooms.

The perfect blend of beauty and function remain constant in design trends and is exemplified in the ARMARIUM (by Ludovica Mascheroni, available at P3 Architectural Solutions) wardrobe. This walk-in closet has a textural quality thanks to it ribbed panel fused over glass doors. But it’s not just the design that makes it a high-end collection. The ARMARIUM guarantees the purest hygiene for clothing because it is equipped with an exclusive automatic system that eliminates unwanted odours and allergens – all in just a few minutes and in an patented ecological and natural way.

Materiality of wardrobes has witnessed a sea change too, with both the exterior and interiors of closets being finished in exquisite materials. It’s the combination of wood and leather in Mascheroni’s Arluna (also available at P3 Arhitectural Solutions) that highlights this trend perfectly. The walk-in closet with wooden frame is covered in leather, interweaving entirely handmade in leather and bronze-plated brass. Meanwhile, the interior of the closet is covered in 100% Cashmere, vertical LED lighting, while the back panels are finished in fine fabric. Even the front drawers are covered in leather with light padding and interior in microfibre with handmade tone-on-tone stitching. It is as luxurious as it gets.

Combination of Basalt glass and remote-controlled interior lighting makes Nolte’s Marcato 2.0 wardrobe one of the most trending solutions in the market currently.

The Relief cabinet (a Mascheroni creation again), too, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, both from the inside as well as outside. With its fascinating material mix of glass and wood – a notable and trending combination lately, it looks impressive when it is closed. This interplay gets a particular intensity from the millings that run perpendicular to the wood grain. On the inside, in contrast, it is clearly structured by practical organisation aids.

As part of the Hangar Bed series, the Hangar walk-in closet designed by Piero Lissoni aims to create a personal space that is visually appealing and comfortable, shifting the focus from mere container function to overall wellness. It is designed to store everyday objects, rationalising the space. A charming product, thanks to the warmth of the wood and lightness of the glass and its reflections. A tailor-made solution, appealing for its endless design possibilities, where the various elements and accessories are fitted along elegant floor-to-ceiling metal frames that support the weight of the equipment, providing precise style and quality detailing.

Overall, bedrooms today are plush in appearance and sophisticated in function. It is evident that Italian and German designs are receiving more patronage than ever by Indian home owners, as efficient and quality designs enjoy a wider audience base.



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